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Sweet Oliver is a stunning bi-color boy born on December 14th. He loves to cuddle and has the most expressive eyes.  Oliver is ready to be part of your family for $2,200.00 which requires a 25% deposit




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This gorgeous boy made his entrance into the world on January 9th.  All that glitters is truly golden when it comes to this magical little boy.  Slytherin loves to play and be cuddled. Let him be your very own little king.  Add him to your family for $2,600.00 which requires a 25% deposit

Imagine only the things you love about the snow, the white powdery softness of it. The joy your heart feels when your eyes see it's splendid beauty. Now wrap all that joy up into this spectacular white puff ball. Wynter is the picture of perfection, she is blessed to carry the rare odd eye gene. One eye is as blue robins egg, while the other is a rich sea foam green. Wynter was born on November 23rd and is ready to keep you warm on the chillies of nights. Wynter can be yours for 
$2,400.00 Which requires a deposit of 25%

This sweet little cream puff will ride into your life and steal your heart when you are not looking. This handsome bi-color boy was born on October 25th and is ready to wrangle his way into your home. Rodeo can be your for $1,700.00 which requires a 25% deposit