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This fun silvery boy was born on  April 10th and is ready to claim his spot in your heart.  Batman loves to bounce around and loves little furry ice.  He loves to tuck tuck himself under your chin and purr.  $2,400.00 can take your very own Batman home, which requires a 25% deposit.

This gorgeous little white fluff ball is a spectacular little male. He was born on April 28th and has been melting everyone's heart with his soft purr. He would love nothing more that to snuggle onto your lap. $2,600.00 Which  requires a deposit of 25%

No Refunds On Deposits Under Any Circumstances, Effective 1/1/2016.

This gorgeous boy was born on May 1st and is a beautiful Chinchilla with gorgeous green eyes and outlined in black. Zeus loves to play and will be  the entertainer in your homes.  Price is $2,800.00 which requires a 25% deposit


This stunning flame point male was born on June 1st, he has a beautiful white coat with a precious sun kissed tail and ear tips. Don't let his grumpy face fool you, this little boy is as sweet as honey. Zander can join your family for $2,600.00 which requires a 25% deposit. 



This little elf is the baby of the bunch, he loves to be held and immediately purrs to show his happiness. His coat is soft, white, and fluffy and his eyes are super expressive and forever searching. He was born on April 10th. This little one would be a joy to$2,100.00 and requires a 25% deposit.

This Beautiful little bi-color girl was born on May 23rd. Bella loves belly rubs and has a favorite mouse she loves to stalk. She is ready to be your princess $2,300.00 which requires a 25% deposit.


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This playful little boy with the blazing eyes was born on May 11th.  Peter is the son of our precious Janus and adored by his mommy.  He is confident and doesn't know a stranger. Add Peter to your family for $2,400.00 which requires a 25% deposit.

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